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> Green Steel

JedPed, Engineering was selected as the strategic business technical consultant by a German international entity, to provide services in the area of sustainable energy in the case of the production of Green Hydrogen in an industrial consumption unit energy intensive.

The consultancy involved the elaboration of a project to produce green hydrogen in an installation of a "green" steel factory that is being implemented in Finland. With estimated energy needs of 7TWh/year and with a green steel production for a cycle of more than 8000h/year, the industrial/steel plant should start production in 3Q2023, that is, very soon.

The fuel it will use for steel production will be green H2 (gas) driving the use for its production (hydrogen) of almost entirely renewable energy sources (Photovoltaic, Wind - RES). The hydrogen obtained from the electrolyzers will then be used as a source of energy for steel production. In this way, all regulatory requirements will be met to be eligible under the process of acts delegated by the European Commission of 13-2-2023, and which will be approved by the European Parliament.

> Carbon Emissions across different industries

JedPed, energy and engineering was selected as the strategic business technical consultant by an Polish international agency and business equity entity, to provide services related to the European Carbon Emissions across different industries.

The covered study covered range of industries such as: cement, steel, textile and pharmaceutical production, where the CO2 emissions take an important role in the environmental, social and governance impacts. The need to mitigate the CO2 emissions and energy enveloped in the case of the production sources by renewables and turning more efficient all the global unit, mostly due to the demand power and inherent energy intensive processes.

The consultancy services were driven by the Jedped team and also with the participation of Carlos Moutas a skilled engineer and technician on the thematic of the Renewable Energies assessing and adding key drivers and power insights and has been fully involved addressing the elaboration of the developed project focused on the energy green production backed by renewable energy sources, in the case, the solar and wind energy alongside with hydrogen and storage of fifth generation sodium batteries.

The need to digitalize as well as fully convert some traditional production processes and put them into action in a medium turn whether drive to implement new energy sources to support the electricity and overall energy demand in countries such the Poland along with South Europe for instance in Spain, Portugal and Greece is mandatory to fulfil all the Fit 55 plan approved last year.

What we do

We foster and provide energy consulting & strategic partnerships for planning a clean future and a better life on the advent focused on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

> ESG Services

For a cleaner, more secure and more sustainable world, it is essential for every company to drive and achieve awareness of the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, and manage them accordingly in line with business objectives.

ESG concept means a still-dynamically developing framework that serves to help assess as well as evaluate the sustainable operations and long-term flexibility of industries and companies. The drivers have been launched and constituting an advent on sustainable activities, the corporate financial stakeholders are increasingly demanding sound corporate strategies backed by linear programs for sustainability.

Therefore nowadays a good ESG program will be mandatory to stand up and kickoff its ground in the long run, responding to all investor needs and outcomes as well as addressing the societal change, whether the focus is on understanding key areas, setting goals, designing schedules, introducing appropriate measures and metrics or tracking progress.

The future is based on ESG accomplishments and relates to sustainability for whom?
What is the best way for a company to approach the 'ESG question', and also what are the key figures to fulfil the correct approach as well as how does it fit with the existing framework of the company’s business operations, the size of the company and the expectations of its stakeholders.
These are critical topics that we can design and manage with ML and AI (Machine Learning and AI) tools, validated by previous customers, that will be the solution to provide the most appropriate answer and seek to find more efficient solutions.

Key areas of contribution:

> Hub Line Engineering (HLE)

Accelerate your Sustainable Commitment with The Hub Line Engineering

Jedped has launched the Energy Transition Hub line. We are excited to share with you our latest offering – The Hub Line for Enabling the Engineering in the Sustainability towards the most appropriate and cost efficient use of the resources – energy and water alongside with recycling framework add value in the pipeline.

As one experienced company on energy and sustainability services for more than 20 years thus enables whether provides a solid evidence base to underpin the development of the next set out in the legal basis and strengthening tools with stakeholders, partners and TSO providers in the energy transition along key relevant marketplaces in Europe and Portugal, Cape Verde tourism activities and services delivering solutions for the rationalising operations costs, and also acting as energy TSO´s on large and medium office buildings. We have large experience acting and covering industrial mainstreams especially on the paper as well as the sensor and electronics markets.
We are committed to deliver engineering values along with an overall increase of EGS topics. Mind-set is adding value along with the advent for nurturing drivers, advancing step by step on the sustainability but, always backed on the state of the art, demonstrated cases/pilots delivered and tested enabling positive and quality outcomes. The commitment is driven through scientific knowledge and accelerating with sustainability development paradigm.

Our new service has been designed to help managers, investors, promoters and scientists in these fields achieve their goals with greater efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. By providing high-quality, reliable data, information and consulting services on assessed purposes and for specific use on production targets – services or production lines, our services help accelerate metering energy and water needs and consumptions, benchmarking the possible developments, improve understanding of inefficient uses or mechanisms, and ultimately advance scientific knowledge.

Jedped, Engineering and Program Environment Design with our Line Engineering service offers, not only a powerful combination of experience, expertise, quality, and flexibility that sets it apart from other providers in the field, as well enabling reliable tools backed on proven commitment with the up performed latest technology devices and sensors.
Partners can access both the tools and resources they need to make breakthrough discoveries and advance scopes backed on demonstrated scientific knowledge and outcomes achieved during the past 25 years on the green framework.

Our team are always available to help you at any stage.

To learn more about how we can help you develop your internal rate return and understand how the energy and water have been used and how can they be better profitable in the rate line, contact:
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> European Green Deal

JEDPED's commitment and technical contributions to the recent European Pact - GREEN DEAL, is to develop and deploy a safe, reliable and economically competitive energy transition to end-users and prosumers. Read more about The European Green Deal >>


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